What are Bug Report components?

What fields do you fill out in a Bug Report?

Describe to me the basic elements you put in a defect/bug report?

         Report number: Unique number given to the report

         Application / Module being tested

         Version & release number

         Problem Summary / Short Description / Synopsis

         Steps to reproduce (Detailed Description)

         Severity (Critical, Serious, Minor, Suggestion)

         Priority (High, Medium, Low)

         Environment (Software and/or hardware configuration)

         Reported by

         Assigned to

         Status (Open, Pending, Fixed, Closed, cannot reproduce, etc.)

         Resolution / Notes



If you find a bug and the developer says it is as-designed, what can you do?
- find an exact requirement, which defines the way it should be designed
- if there is no specific requirement compare to same feature implemented in quality applications (ask your manager which applications to compare to)


How do you write a bug report?

         Rule of WWW - What happened, Where it happened, under Which circumstances

         Write one bug report for each fix to be verified

         Bug report should be as complete as possible

         Bug reports are as concise as possible

         Report a bug immediately, do not postpone

         Use technical terms, not "people off the street" language


What is the most important part of bug report?

         Steps to reproduce

         Short Description





What is the bug life cycle?

The bug should go through the life cycle to be closed. Here are the stages:
- bug found
- bug reported
- bug assigned to developer
- bug fixed by developer
- fix verified by tester
- bug closed


How can a tester be sure that bug was fixed?
- execute the steps in the bug report
- make sure the fixed bug does not result in new bugs in same area