Why do you choose the QA career?

·         I really enjoy the level of appreciation I have from developers and other QA team members.

·         My previous background makes a good combination with my QA skills

·         I like to see how the application changes as a result of bug I reported. It gives me a very good feeling of being a real contributor

·         I really have passion for quality since I remember myself


How do you see yourself in 3-5 years as a QA engineer?

·         Making difference in software testing

·         To get there I need to work on good projects, next to good professional

·         Besides that I want to specialize (chose the niche) in whatever they are (give reasons)

If you log a bug and the developer can’t reproduce it, what should you do?

Manager folds the paper and tore it in the middle - how many holes? Then fold it again - how many holes? Then fold it again - hoe many holes, etc.

·        1; 1+2=3; 1+2+4=7