1. Resume Builder runs on all the Windows platforms

2. The application's GUI should be in compliance with Microsoft GUI guidelines for Windows applications

3. The application allows users to create and save resumes (.RTF format only) in multiple professions.

4. The application allows users to create and save templates with predefined content

5. All the sections in resume are built from customized content stored in .INI files

6. The application has Portnov menu title with underlying menu titles pointing to pages of web site

7. The resume could be previewed at any stage of resume writing as long as contact information is specified

8. The application allows users to upload the latest version of the executable and the data (.INI) files

9. User is able to specify location of choice for saved resumes, which by default will be saved in the installation folder.

10. The application does not need any installation. It comes as a ZIP (RAR) file with all the files packed in one folder (installation folder).

11. The application does not validate personal information or any other data typed in by the user. It allows user as much flexibility as an average word processor would.

12. The list of professions available is open-ended

13. Help and About box information is provided in MS Word files and will be used by the application at the time of its launch

14. To create a template or a resume file user should be in the Preview folder

15. The application is not supposed to produce 100% complete version of a resume. User is expected to customize and polish the resume (created in ResumeBuilder) later on in MS Word or any other word processor.